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How It Works
Why We Are Better Than Any Dealership
No Actual Salesmen

Our Job is to be a “Buyers Agent” not a “Salesmen” So by definition we are WORKING FOR YOU and not AGAINST YOU. We don’t have layers of people to deal with, its a one on one Relationship. No Negotiation tactics, no silly business of running back and forth to the guys in the back room.

Same Cars Always Better Prices

We have no overhead like a Car Dealership so we don’t have any added costs. The goal of an Auto Dealership is getting the most they can from every deal they make – it’s not their fault they just have a highly burdened cost model and those overhead expenses get passed on to you the consumer just like in any other retail purchase you would make.

Unbeatable Selection

We don’t house cars on a lot and maneuver you into buying one of them. Instead we get the specifications of the car you want and we source it for you direct which means you get the best possible price for the exact car you want. No pressuring you to give up a color you wanted or to do without an option or feature you want.

Enjoy The Buying Experience

The Most Hassle Free and easiest way you can buy a car for the best price guaranteed! Come to our Office and We will show you every step of the Process or you can even shop from the comfort of your own home and we can Email you the selections of the cars and work to get you the best deal on the exact car for youre needs.

Even Dealers Buy From US!

Yes indeed, we provide our same services to many of the local car Dealerships. We are industry experts and Dealerships are also our customers. Dealerships constantly use specialty buyers like us who know how to get the best prices to provide them inventory and now you can skip the Dealership and buy direct from us.

Don't Believe The Hype

Services that promise you a great price are not saving you money – In fact they are getting paid by the Dealerships to send you to them as customers. Those “Pre-Negotiated” prices are set by the Dealerships and are not really bargain prices at all.

An Insider Look Into How The Industry Works
Why Do Dealerships Charge So Much?

A Car Dealership has a minimum of a 10% and as much as 20% or more overhead from the start to carry any vehicle in inventory wither new from the Manufacturer or Used (Trade in or purchased at Auction). In addition to this initial set of overhead cost burden to consider there is more overhead they must cover adding at least another 5% and as much as 10% to the burdened cost of selling you a car.

A RETAIL business of this size for any Car Dealership is MILLIONS of annual overhead costs which is why they have to get as much from each buyer as they can on each and every deal they make

But They Showed Me The Invoice – Aren’t I Getting A Good Deal?

The invoice is just another sales tool.
No Dealer ever pays the “The invoice price” to an automaker – If they did they would be losing money! So in actuality it has little or nothing to do with any true vehicle cost. It hasn’t for well over a decade. But those major online information sources still use it as the touchstone for the “target prices. ” Some Dealerships will use this as a tool to show you that you are getting a great deal when in actuality they are still hiding the actual “margin” or Profit they are making from you the consumer. It is Just like any other Retail Establishment they are not going to reveal what they paid for the “consumer goods” (in this case the vehicle) any more than the Local Target, Walmart, Nordstrom is going to tell you what they paid for the Merchandise “Consumer goods” they are selling you because nobody want you the comsuer to see their profit margin.

Why Does It Take So Long To Do The Paperwork?

You have negotiated hard and you have finally made the deal with the salesman after he has gone back and forth to the Manager several times and you “Sign the Paper”


You then get introduced to the “Finance Specialist” and you are now sitting once again across from someone whose job it is to SELL YOU MORE PRODUCTS AND OPTIONS and they make “Commission” on everything they manage to get you to “add on”.

The “Finance Specialists” at Car Dealerships earn far more every month in “Commission” than do the sales people. That is right, their job is not just to do the paperwork, in fact their job is to sell you as many “Add Ons” as possible and yes they earn Commission on all of it.

Everything from the Extended Warranty or Service Warranty/ Package to the Additional “Options” not covered by your Sales Person which can be “Protection Packages” – Anything from Paint Protection, Leather Care, 3M Paint Chip Film, and so on…

We can get all of this for you direct for the sources as well as long term care and even help you get the Wheel Curb Rash or Scratches, Dents & Dings, or eventual warn or torn Interior Vinyl/Leather repaired and all at a fraction of the cost that Dealerships will charge you.

The FALSE Promise Of Online Car Buying Services

In the last few years, car information services like Edmunds.com, Cars.com, and others have begun to offer vehicle shoppers a source of relatively objective information.

But there’s a problem: To get the good information, you must offer up your contact details, which these websites promptly sell to local dealers and insurance companies. “It’s simply a form of lead generation.”

Those sites profit by helping dealers profit, not by helping you get the best price. They get their revenue from dealers and automakers, but not a penny from you.

They funnel you to a small number of stores (frequently 3) that advertise with them and/or send them a finder’s fee for every sale. Those costs, of course, are built onto the price you pay. For example, TrueCar shows you “what others have paid for the same car in your market,” then sends you to a few dealers who know you’re a slam-dunk sale because you’ve been pre-sold on those “fair prices.”

In return, those Dealers pay TrueCar $299 of your sales price which is how they become “TrueCar Dealerships”

Is TrueCar or any of those organizations (including Consumer Reports) that send you to “TrueCar Dealerships” leveling with you about that? Wouldn’t they, if they were truly transparent?

You can now go online, research many different vehicles, and identify exactly the options and colors you want. Once you’ve “built” a car you like, you can see an approximate MSRP or even an “actual cost” with which to begin your negotiations with traditional dealerships. However you are not going to find that car you just configured at the Dealership, Instead they will Negotiate you into something they have available on the Lot – Not the Car you configured online.

The HARD TRUTH – You Are NOT An Industy Expert

As much as you think you know, as well informed as you think you are, as great a negotiator and or dealmaker as you may be in your given profession the fact remains “The Art of the Car Deal is not your Profession” – It is however Our Profession and we are extremely accomplished at it.

Whatever Profession you may be in, Real Estate, Technology, whatever it may be you are an expert and the customer you are selling to could not do your job and is not an expert at it.

The truth of the matter is that applies to you when you are the Consumer purchasing an Automobile.

You are not an expert at CAR BUYING and although you might hate to admit it the Car Salesperson is indeed an Expert and its their job to get as much money for you for the “Consumer Goods” in this case the Automobile as they can.

You do not have the many years of insider Industry knowledge of the Car Sales Person, their Manager and the Dealership Owner(s).

The only way to turn the tables on the people working in this industry is to have your own Expert and that would be us the CAR BUYING CONCIERGE who are indeed EXPERTS but we work FOR YOU not AGAINST You.

What Makes Us The EXPERTS?

Over 75 years combined experience in our staff whom have held every job in the industry.

Decades of Industry experience in all facets of the industry Sales floor to Dealer Ownership. Running Entire Car Dealerships of various brands including New and used Vehicles.

Expert Wholesale Buyer and Negotiator – So good that Dealers employ our services. Dealers License for 30 Plus years working as an Independent Dealer/Broker/Wholesale/Buyer

Buyers Agent Concierge with decades of history of local customers.

Buying Agent Purchasing Wholesale and Selling Cars to just about every major dealership and consignment store in the region.

Accomplished “Car Buyer / Concierge” with a long history of satisfied clients who come back to me every time they need a car for themselves, a family member, or recommend me to their colleagues and friends.

Owner Operator of my Own Dealership specializing In Classics and Exotics.

Successfully built the business from the Ground up.

Regionally Well-known knowledgeable and respected Industry Expert by Car Enthusiast community for Classic and Exotics Cars and long standing member of many regional car clubs in the area as well as a sitting Board member of many clubs. Working with CCCA (Classic Car Club America Northwest Chapter), Mustangs Northwest, Panetra’s Northwest, and many more..

Decades of experience in organizing and running large scale car shows.

Global Network of Auto Brokers, Restorers, Parts Suppliers, Auto Enthusiast Clubs.

Authorized Vehicle Appraiser for Classics, Exotics and Moderns by Many Insurance Companies and Finance Institutions – Hagerty Classic Cars, and others.

Professional Restorer of Classic and Exotic Vehicles having restored over 100 vehicles from as early as 1929 model As to late 1980s and everything in between.

Many years as a “Top Salesman” at various Car Dealership Franchises and specialty Consignment shops.