1981 Delorean Custom”DOCBROWN”


This example of the DeLorean marque is one-of-a-kind in many ways


This example of the 1981 DeLorean marque is one-of-a-kind in many ways.

  • The elements of aesthetics and performance converge to make a car that has stunning looks and superior handling and “feel”.
  • It has been meticulously maintained for reliability, and the enhancements were selected with an eye toward performance and convenience.


  • Power output from the engine is approximately 50% greater than the stock DeLorean engine
  • The 3-speed automatic transmission has been replaced with a crate transmission and equipped with a digital shift computer for better reliability and performance.
  • The engine has been modified to the Northwest Stage 2 standard
  • Stainless steel performance exhaust system
  • ported and polished heads with a performance valve grind
  • Custom performance camshafts
  • Custom stainless steel braided fuel injection lines (more fuel volume)
  • The exterior elements of the engine have been powder coated in Rossa red
  • Hand-made carbon fiber accents
  • Embedded red LED’s complete the custom look

The Suspension has been heavily upgraded

  • Lowered with new Eibach coil springs
  • Adjustable shock absorbers
  • Stainless steel front strut brace engineered for the DeLorean
  • A unique custom rear anti-roll bar that is tuned specifically for this car
  • Polyurethane front sway bar bushings to keep unwanted movements to a minimum
  • A set of genuine original Toby-TABS to ensure that the rear suspension is solid and safe.
  • The wheels are custom machined billet wheels with “Plus 3” sizing and an Offset Pairing with 17in front and 18in Rear to allow low profile Michelin Sport AS/3 tires for superior handling.
  • The center caps are also custom made specifically for this car.
  • These wheels are styled in a way that acknowledges the iconic look of the originals, but with a modern flare. Even the lug nuts are special, requiring a splined key for removal.

The interior has been substantially refreshed

  • New two-tone seat covers, headliners, carpets
  • Programmable LED interior lighting system that is controlled using your smartphone
  • All parts of the interior are in perfect shape, offering a comfortable escape from the daily grind.
  • A high-end flux capacitor takes center stage on the rear parcel shelf, with another simplified version installed as the cover for the lockable storage compartment behind the driver’s seat.
  • A car’s steering wheel is the driver’s interface with the machine. With DOC BROWN, you get to wrap your hands around a genuine Momo steering wheel mounted with a custom machined billet adapter.  The look and feel of Italian leather must be experienced to be truly appreciated.

Exterior Modifications

  • The nearly flawless exterior has been transformed by the addition of a functional negative lift rear wing made from the highest quality carbon fiber available, thoughtfully mounted to a strengthened rear louver assembly using custom-made stainless steel uprights.
  • The side rocker panels have been replaced by ground-effect side skirts, with stylish stainless steel screened intakes for the rear ducts. A CB radio antenna is mounted to the louvers on a custom base fitting for stability and strength.
  • Lighting is enhanced by extremely bright and efficient LED headlights, taillights, and an LED third brake light mounted to the underside of the rear wing.
  • The headlights also have a selectable daytime running light functionality.
  • There is a complete LED undercar lighting system installed that is also controlled by Bluetooth via a smartphone app.
  • Opening the front trunk reveals a “Mr. Fusion” with LED internal illumination. This is an unusual location for Mr. Fusion but works well with the rest of the modifications to this car.

Added Features and Functionality

  • In order to fully appreciate and enjoy the experience of owning this exotic motorcar, state-of-the-art electronic conveniences have been carefully integrated that take it to the next level.
  • A Wings-A-Loft Elite system was installed, along with several related enhancements.
  • This system offers remote keyless entry, remote door and trunk opening, remote window controls that also feature one-touch window operation, and a full-featured alarm system for maximum security and peace of mind.
  • The Wings-A-Loft system communicates with the owner via a long-range 2-way paging remote. There are several new options that could be added to the system if desired.

For the purist out there

  • It should be noted that some of the most visually impactful modifications are reversible so that this car could be brought back to a more original appearance.
  • These include the negative lift wing, the custom wheels, and the ground effects side skirts. While these features make this car truly one of a kind, it is possible to transition to a more original form.
  • There is nothing quite like the experience of driving and enjoying a spectacular example of the DeLorean DMC-12 automobile. Not only is this car fun and satisfying to drive, but the enthusiastic appreciation shown by the public makes the driver feel like a rock star.  This is your chance to stand apart from the crowd, and own a brilliant example of automotive history.




VIN 1922 – “DOC BROWN”

Basic specifications

  • Early 1981, grooved hood with gas flap
  • Automatic transmission
  • Black interior – mildly customized


Mechanical Upgrades

  • Northwest Performance engine modifications, DMCH Stage 1 exhaust (stainless steel)
  • Recent crate transmission with digital shift computer
  • Front strut brace – DPNW
  • Rear anti-roll bar – DPNW
  • Polyurethane front sway bar bushings – DPNW
  • Conversion to later style shifter mechanism
  • LED headlights – DPNW
  • Custom billet machined wheels – Plus 3 with Michelin Sports AS3 low profile tires
  • Custom billet “DMC” logo center caps to match wheels
  • Keyed lug nuts – with key socket
  • Air conditioning system converted to R-134a refrigerant
  • Stainless-steel fuel injection lines with red overwrap to match accent lighting
  • Premium long-life AGM battery – 8-year warranty with 4-year full replacement
  • Eibach suspension kit
  • High-performance radiator fans – DPNW
  • Stainless-steel braided brake hoses – DPNW
  • High output horns – 125 dB
  • The cooling system self-bleeder system with radiator bleeder addition – DPNW
  • DMCH Fuel tank module with recall action completed
  • Stainless-steel coolant tank
  • Water pump with bolt-on pulley – Volvo style
  • Genuine “Toby-TAB” Inconel trailing arm bolts


Convenience Upgrades

  • Wings-A-Loft Elite system – alarm, remote engine start, remote door opening
  • One-touch window controls with remote operation via Elite remote
  • Remote trunk opening via Elite
  • LED interior lighting – full spectrum color capable, footwells, parcel shelf
  • LED undercar lighting – full spectrum color capable, both sides, front and rear
  • Mechanical battery cutoff switch
  • Daytime running light function using low beam headlights

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