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Call Warren (425) 246-5222 We are “Car Buying Agents” Working FOR YOU Not Negotiating Against You!

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Unlike a Dealership we don’t have to sell you what is on hand we can find you the exact car you want. On hand we have a select few pre-owned vehicles, however our Car Buyer Concierge Service guarantees that we can find you the car you want no matter what make/model/Brand/Features you are looking for because our business model is unlike any Car Dealership and we specialize in finding the right car for each customer instead of stockpiling cars on a big lot and forcing customers to choose what is on hand.

Industry Experts who Work For YOU

We are former Car Sales Industry Veterans with over 75 years of combined experience and we know every aspect of the Auto Industry and every bit of Insider Information and all of the tactics that all of those Care Salespeople you have had to haggle and negotiate with at the Dealerships use. We not only work for you the consumer, in fact we are so good at what we do at the Used car dealerships Seattle, US

We are NOT Car Salesman - We are Buyers Agents

So by definition we are WORKING FOR YOU and not AGAINST YOU and we don’t have the larger overhead costs associated with every Dealership in existence allowing us to get you the exact same car at a much lower price guaranteed. No negotiating at all, in fact we are doing the negotiating to get you the best price. We use our decades of Industry knowledge to Educate you and insure you are getting the best deal possible for the exact car you want.

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This is a highly specialized service where we work for you and don’t negotiate against you. You to get you exactly the right Vehicle with all the features you want at the best possible price